Tier 4, PE and the Equity agenda.

Dear members,

As of today’s announcement a large number of the authority areas in Scotland will be moving to tier 4 from Friday.  This has raised concerns amongst the membership and surfaced a few further issues pertaining to guidance and the PE examination procedures.

Tier 4

The local authorities in Tier 4, as of Friday will be followIng the rules stating that:

Level 4 – Children and young people within school settings can only participate in activities that are non-contact and outdoors.

All clubs outwith the school timetable are off.

Between inclement weather, learning and teaching experiences for the entire BGE from our early years to fourth level to even just the general mental health and well-being of staff and pupils this poses a significant problem for many.

The Equity Agenda

Beyond the BGE begins the concerns for our certificated counterparts.  I have been inundated with emails and the occasional tweet all asking the same question:  ‘how is it fair from one authority to the next.’  The key points raised by members include:

– the opportunities for pupils in different tiers to access activities/facilities to develop skills and performance that others may not be able to do so.
– pre tier 4, the simple fact that ‘indoor activity specialists’ are at a disadvantage having less development time than their outdoor counterparts
– the simple fact that thousands of pupils are missing hours of school all over the country to self isolate for two weeks at a time when someone in track and trace sends them home.

What now?

I have approached the SQA for guidance but I fear it may not be enough.

We need to speak up as an association, are the above points the feelings of PE teachers in Scotland?  Is there more to it?  Do we think the exams are fair representations of candidate ability/learning at this stage?

Can I urge everyone, complete the form here as soon as possible:  https://forms.gle/FisgB7TTu9zAGgvv8

Once completed I will again approach the SQA formally with the data.

I would ask that you share the form with other members of your department, members or not, it is important that everyone is heard.  SATPE seeks to support members and being a voice is one of the best ways we can do this.

As Always,

If you need anything, have any suggestions on how we can all help each other please do contact me directly on President@Satpe.co.uk

Paddy Cuthbertson 
President – SATPE