Physical Education, Equity, Teaching and Learning

Dear members,

Please see below an update on our recent initiatives within SATPE.

The Equity Agenda

After a successful turnout in our poll (hundreds of practitioners responded with a 93% response that equity is an issue) the SQA have agreed to arrange a meeting next week (beginning 30th November) to discuss the implications for PE and the courses under the umbrella and what can be done.  In their response the SQA stated:

‘We are considering what more might be done to ensure safe and fair certification of candidates this session.’

It is reassuring that the SQA acknowledge there is an issue, as soon as we have any further information it will be shared with members.

If you haven’t already, complete the form here as soon as possible:

included below, some of the key points from our prior email,

Beyond the BGE begins the concerns for our certificated counterparts.  I have been inundated with emails and the occasional tweet all asking the same question:  ‘how is it fair from one authority to the next.’  The key points raised by members include:

– the opportunities for pupils in different tiers to access activities/facilities to develop skills and performance that others may not be able to do so.
– pre tier 4, the simple fact that ‘indoor activity specialists’ are at a disadvantage having less development time than their outdoor counterparts
– the simple fact that thousands of pupils are missing hours of school all over the country to self isolate for two weeks at a time when someone in track and trace sends them home.

What about the BGE and Core PE?

Mental Health

Mental Health has been the key phrase in a number of studies with anxiety, stress, suicide and many other mental health considerations identified as being on the rise in young people.  Whilst PE and activity often earpinned as the way to combat the issue although hindered in the process due to guidance on activities, risk assessments and more varying from one authority to the next.

All of the above being said the impact of PE on mental health is proven to be positive in a variety of studies.(A quick online search will confirm this).  I urge teachers where possible, be creative and maximise activity time, avoid the removal of practical classes for classroom based practice in core PE sessions.  All lessons in our area are important especially now.

Primary PE

We are aware of concerns across the country with no access to indoor PE for high tier areas for the whole
process to be cast aside.

Please contact me directly at and we will do what we can to support you.

Section 1 Zoom Session and some feedback

I’d like to take this chance to thank all of our facilitators for delivering an informative and useful session on section 1 of the portfolio.  The feedback form was very positive. In the final part of the form the following concerns queries were raised to be answered.

– Optimism in the answer is it an emotional factor – you will find optimism listed under happiness on the FIP grid

– Can we get section 2/3 ASAP (some feedback referred to before Christmas). – Unfortunately due to the limited number of facilitiators we have and their own workloads it would have been impossible to have anything sooner than the early January dates suggested.

– more examples next time – Again we are happy to do this but with limited SQA approved resources available it was thought best to allow 2/4 Understanding Standards resources to be left untouched for in house process.

Section 2 will be coming during January please keep an eye out for future information on this.

Learning and Teaching – Pedagogy and Practice

As we endeavour to support all members an area of prominence identified for potential upskilling is our classroom practice.  As above we have the pleasure of working with fantastic knowledgeable facilitators helping members with their content knowledge and confidence in marking and assessment.  Our next Avenue to assist in this is CPD on ways in which the content can be delivered.  The complexity of courses and answering structures has led to undue pressure in the classroom to ‘remember content’ as supposed to ‘experiencing learning’.

We are in the process of bringing together a working group looking to create an initiative with longevity.  Free for all members to opt into as a ‘course’ with ideas, strategies and theories to change and vary classroom practice.  Please watch this space for more information coming very soon.

As Always,

If you need anything, have any suggestions on how we can all help each other please do contact me directly on

Paddy Cuthbertson 
President – SATPE