Assessment, Quality Assurance and What Next?

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John Swinney  “I will not stake the future of our Higher pupils – whether they get a place at college, university, training or work – on a lottery of whether their school was hit by Covid.  Exams cannot account for differential loss of learning and could lead to unfair results for our poorest pupils.  This could lead to pupils’ futures being blighted through no fault of their own. That is simply not fair.”  — Addressing Parliament 08/12/2020

As I am sure you are all aware we are now working towards a system, once again, in which National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher examination diets held by the SQA in May-June have been cancelled.

One significant difference this time we know it is happening.  As a result of this, the SQA are still looking for demonstrated attainment via fairly extensive moderation/verification procedures.  The current process for National 5 has been outlined and can be found here:

We are led to believe that all other courses will follow a similiar, if not the same structure.

Quality Assurance – How Can We Help Each Other?

All schools will have their own ways of carrying out “QA” from internal cross marking and moderation exercises, CPD/CLPL courses or often network wide plans in place.  I have spoken with PT’s at schools across Scotland and found this to be mixed.  Ranging from departmental only processes, all the way to council and network wide marking setups (For National 5 currently).

As we seek to work together and support members we would like to offer an opt in platform for all schools across Scotland.

The principle is simple, work with PE teachers from other schools to cross mark/moderate grades to add an ‘extra layer’ of QA to procedures.  By leaving one contact email for a department, the levels in which you would like to cross mark and perhaps the experience of markers within the department we will be able to help PE departments all over the country come together in groups (sizes dependant on uptake) and work together for clarity.

Let’s help each other.

Complete the form here:

What Next?

Please remember, despite the increased workload for all staff we will endeavour to have all of our online CPD/CLPL sessions running as soon as they are possible, looking at:
– Certificated course content across a range of levels
– Pedagogy and Classroom practice
– Resources and projects currently underway with our specific working groups.

UNESCO – Some Info for members

Please see below details passed on from Suzanne Hargreaves (Education Scotland:

As you probably now, UNESCO is working with the International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP) to administer the 4th Worldwide Survey of Quality Physical Education (QPE).


Please forward this link to the teachers who teach physical education in primary and secondary schools in your country. We need at least 20 respondents from your country to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire has been translated into 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic). Choose the most appropriate language for you. It should be noted that the questionnaire needs to be completed by no later than January 23, 2021.

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If you need anything, have any suggestions on how we can all help each other please do contact me directly on

Paddy Cuthbertson 
President – SATPE