Welcome back, Conference 21’ ESSD Opportunity

Dear members,

A very warm welcome back to teaching to all!

I am sure at this stage many, if not all of us, will have returned to teaching , likely with mixed regulations.  That being said, what a feeling it is to be able to teach indoors as well as out.

I had drafted several emails during the holidays but took the decision not to email members during the summer break, It was a well deserved rest, and I am sure everyone is back bright eyed,  and ready for the academic year 21-22.

Please see below some key information pertaining to what’s coming up this year.

Conference 2021 – Provisionally November 6th 2021

The decision was made based on the previous two years of COVID teaching and the ACM (Alternative Curriculum Model) that we would have the ‘revival’ conference based solely on practical activity and pedagogy. Departments individually and authorities as a whole, have spent many hours on cross marking, moderation, and quality assurance of certificated subjects. Combine this with the fact that many if not all of us have spent the past two years teaching what could be considered a very limited curriculum, we thought it best to split the conference in two this year. Part one will be made up of online seminars and professional learning opportunities and part two will be back in person with a ‘return to our roots’.

By this I mean, the provision and sharing of good practice by teachers for teachers, all the sessions at this year’s conference will be led by PE specialists with a high level of expertise in the field in question. To aid in the planning process can you please complete the following form regarding activities and the level at which they should be set here: https://forms.gle/D7JHKTuxYgd2pTqW9

European School Sports Day – Opportunity to lead and take part!

European School Sports Day (ESSD) https://www.essd.eu/ Is a European PE initiative, encouraging virtual interactive competition between schools across the continent.  Young people from Scotland would take part and compete in a virtual leader board against pupils all over Europe! This is a fantastic initiative we would be looking to support across schools in Scotland.

There is an opportunity for someone to become the ESSD Co-ordinator for Scotland!  If you are interested in working internationally with coordinators from across Europe; leading the planning and development of ESSD in Scotland please email me directly on President@Satpe.co.uk.

As Always,

SATPE is the association for PE teachers, the aim is, and always will be, to provide one voice, and as much help and support as possible for all practitioners.  If you would like to get involved, or simply have another query, please do not hesitate to contact me. President@satpe.co.uk

Paddy Cuthbertson
President SATPE