PE Teachers helping PE Teachers

Dear members,
Happy new year to you all.  With the impending return of schools via online learning, we now, more than ever need to do our best to help each other.  Following the FM’s statement today announcing ‘Full Lockdown’ from midnight tonight (4th January) the impact on our profession has again been significant.  The majority of pupils will not return to ‘in school’ education until February 1st.  Nicola Sturgeon does go on to say, this will be reviewed in mid January likely the 18th.  At this level some key points raised around activity include:

– 11 and Under are able to exercise outside in groups of ‘organised activity’ and play
– 12 – 17 year olds will only be able to take part in outdoor activity with maximum of two people from two households

Quality Assurance – How Can We Help Each Other?

– Verification and Cross Marking

All schools will have their own ways of carrying out “QA”; from internal cross marking, moderation exercises, CPD/CLPL courses or often network wide plans in place.  I have spoken with PT’s at schools across Scotland and found this to be mixed.  Ranging from departmental only processes, all the way to council and network wide marking setups (For National 5 currently).

As we seek to work together and support members we would like to offer an opt in platform for all schools across Scotland.

The principle is simple, work with PE teachers from other schools to cross mark/moderate grades to add an ‘extra layer’ of QA to procedures.  By leaving one contact email for a department, the levels in which you would like to cross mark and perhaps the experience of markers within the department we will be able to help PE departments all over the country come together in groups (sizes dependant on uptake) and work together for clarity.

Let’s help each other.

Complete the form here:

UPDATE: We have a number of schools across the country signed up to work together in some form of verification, we will begin to pair/group schools this week to assist in the process.  Please continue to sign up.

– National 5 Portfolio Assistance (Part 2)

With great feedback from session one, and the ongoing commitment of our excellent facilitators we are hoping to completing session two of National 5 Portfolio sessions at 7pm on the 18th January.  (This date will be confirmed and advertised again for all members with at least a weeks notice).  Keeping sessions short we are hoping to cover the basics of marking ‘Explain’ questions in Section 2.  This will cover three of the questions posed in section 2 with a further session to cover the others.  We are still hopeful to maintain our original timeline and look at Section 3 in February.

Please confirm interest in attending here:

Pedagogy CPD Opportunity – Retrieval Practice

We will be announcing this month the beginning of our Retrieval Practice module for members to opt in for.  Please watch this space!

Higher and Advanced Higher PE 

We are happy to thank Alex Haskett for her initial session on the Advanced Higher course and marking the assignment.  We will continue to offer a further Advanced Higher session as well as one for the Higher course in due course.  This will hopefully begin from February pending support we can gather from facilitators at both levels.

Virtual PE (BGE and Core)

As we are set to follow home or blended learning for a period of time it is becoming increasingly challenging for all of us, It is our intention to try and share good practice across members.  Whilst people will be making use of online resources such as Strava, TikTok, Joe Wicks and other online ‘resources’ some schools will be experience more ‘uptake’ or success in various ways.  I would like to offer members the opportunity to please share anything they have found to work well here:

I find it worth noting here that this is prudent at all levels so we urge both Primary and Secondary members to share their experiences.

It is our intention then email out a list of different activities or plans various schools have tried that may help each other with ideas and valuable sessions for students.  We are often heralded, and I believe rightly so, with the ability to help mental health of all students via physical activity and health and wellbeing initiatives, if we can help each other with a variety of ideas it is important to do so.

Virtual PE (“Theory”)

It would be niave to assume all practicitioners are comfortable with the teaching of certificated classes utilising a variety of tools from Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, ShowMyHomework or even additional softwares and tools such as Nearpod or Peardeck.  I am willing to host a walkthrough on the use of several tools that may offer different approaches to teaching online.  It is obviously a matter of urgeny and we would like to offer this session via Zoom as of Thursday 7th January from 4:30pm.  Due to the quick turnaround I will be looking to close sign up for this on Wednesday 6th at 6pm.

If you would like to attend please sign up here:

As Always,

If you need anything, have any suggestions on how we can all help each other please do contact me directly on

Paddy Cuthbertson 
President – SATPE