Learning Through Games (Videos)

Learning Through Games (Videos)

The purpose of this resource to give teachers ideas on how to plan content for their PE lessons. This resource uses the Game Sense approach to create a collection of videos. Pupils develop all areas of the PE Benchmarks with a focus on decision making and tactical awareness. This resource is broken into 4 context areas – Invasion games, Net/ Wall Games, Striking & Fielding Games & Target Games.


Net Games

Players/teams score points by hitting an object into an area of the court in such a way that the opposing player/team cannot hit it back within the allowed amount of bounces. Tactical problems related to net and wall games include building an attack, creating space on the offence, reducing space on defence. Examples of net and wall games include tennis, badminton, volleyball and squash.

Target Games

Players score points when they successfully throw or strike an object closer to a target than their opponents were able to. Tactical problems related to target games include shot selection, judging distance, protecting the shot and preventing points. Examples of target games include golf, archery, bowling, bocce ball, and billiards.


Striking & Fielding Games

Striking/Fielding Games are activities in which players score points by striking an object and running to designated playing areas or prevent opponents from scoring by retrieving the object and returning it to stop the play.

Invasion Games

Invasion games aim is to attack an opponent’s territory and score a goal or point. Teams of equal players these fast paced games focus on teamwork, keeping possession, scoring and defending.



Thanks to Sacred Heart Primary School pupils for demonstrating this resource, Girvan Academy for use of their Sports Hall, IRIS Ayr for their professional filming expertise and Chris Crookston & Cameron Stewart for the delivery of this resource.



Mark Ingram, Headteacher, Sacred Heart Primary School, Girvan, South Ayrshire, Scotland:

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work in partnership with SATPE when looking to improve the quality of teaching and learning for our children. In these videos, you will see the quality of experiences our children get from their 2 hour weekly input of PE. We have a PE Specialist that has worked with staff across the authority offering a supportive and nurturing development opportunity. It is hoped that these short videos can be utilised by schools who are looking to improve the quality of their PE provision.