Hammond Tool

This outstanding revision document is one of the very best revision tools in the country. Amazing for examination technique and command word understanding at Higher level. Ensure your pupils get access to the best revision material in the build up to the 2020 Higher Physical Education exam.

Accessing the Hammond Tool (Microsoft Excel)

The tool can be viewed immediately in your browser by clicking the link below , however to make use of the filters (which allows you to isolate specific study areas) the tool must be downloaded and then opened with Microsoft excel.

If you need further assistance please contact website@satpe.co.uk

The Higher Hammond Tool

Accessing the Hammond Tool (via Google Sheets)

if you have a Google account you can open the below link with Google Sheets. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Click the link below

  2. Click the drop down ‘Open with Google Sheets’
  3. File > Save as Google Sheets (This will be saved to your Google Drive https://drive.google.com/)

  4. The Hammond Drop down filters will then become available
    If you need further assistance please contact website@satpe.co.uk



The Higher Hammond Tool


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