We have design 6 FUN Activities for Primary pupils to participate in during school. These could be used during class time or as a full school rotation:








These videos were design by Jonny Penman & filmed using Caledonia PS, Glasgow (Sports Council Pupils)

Primary Suggested Ideas:

  • ESSD is open to any kind of physical activity that has the aim to encourage children to be active for at least 120 minutes per the day.
  • Run or Walk the distance of the given year (e.g. 2023 metres in 2023).
  • Invite students to bring a ball to school and integrate it into the curriculum throughout the day.
  • Integrate ‘wake and shake’ activities before each lesson where students can #BeActive with movement of all kinds.
  • In between lessons, encourage students to walk or run outside with their teachers.
  • Host a festival with games of all types (school Olympics) from foot races to football for all skill levels.
  • Use team sports to better integrate disadvantaged or underrepresented students into the school community (‘let’s play together’).
  • Challenge families of students to #BeActive with school-wide targets like completing 10 outdoor activities per week.
  • Design a trail with fun outdoor activities like a treasure hunt, math challenge or exercise based on books students are reading (e.g. Superworm)



Secondary Suggested Ideas:

  • Launch the Day with a school-wide activity in the morning like a run or dance. Close the Day with a school-wide yoga class.
  • Challenge students to #BeActive for at least 20 minutes before school begins or try a new activity during breaks from class (dodgeball or bubble football). Families can take part in this challenge too.
  • Organise staff vs. student games with popular spectator sports like basketball or volleyball.
  • Gather used sport equipment from your community and have students create and play games based on the random equipment received.
  • Lead girls’ only activities that are ‘by girls and for girls’ with a mix of traditional sports like volleyball and other activities like dancing.
  • Adapt curricula to #BeActive themes (e.g. biology lessons on exercise or algebra lessons related to sport)
  • Try NEW & Traditional European Sports, see examples –