Dear SATPE members,

During a time of change and caution SATPE has undergone a number of changes.  Firstly we thank John Millar for his time as president, his tireless work since the association began all those years ago will never go unnoticed.  Our membership has been cut from £25 to £10.  This was a decision born of trying our best to provide support to all PE teachers across Scotland.  We have welcomed a change in our approach to communication sending out information regularly to all members via email.  (If you have not been receiving these emails please contact for more assistance).  We strive to support PE teachers across Scotland as single voice adding weight to our arguments whilst also offering experienced practitioners the opportunity to lead development sessions for others teacher across the country.  We will continue to move forward and offer more development opportunities for all aspects of PE not only the national courses.  Now more than ever, we need to help each other, share resources, share ideas and try new pedagogies and approaches to keep PE fun and learning at high levels in difficult and limited situations.  For just £10 per year you have full access to our website, resources, conference, partnership offers, CLPL opportunities etc. We also welcome your contributions to a host of impactful working groups; SATPE Dance, SATPE Primary, SATPE Disability-Inclusion and SATPE LGBT. Contact email addresses can be found in the Contact Us section or Working Group section of the website.

As always, I want to do anything I can to help, any queries at all, contact me directly on the email below.


Many thanks,

Paddy Cuthbertson
President of SATPE