Explain questions are asking you to show cause and effect as you try to justify whatever the question is asking of you. It involves you writing 2 sentences: sentence 1 is making a statement in relation to the question and sentence 2 is showing the effect. It is sentence 2 where you look to pick up your mark. It is important to note that the cause given in sentence 1 must correspond with the effect in sentence 2. If these do not match up, you will not get a mark.

Explain Question Structure

Cause – Steal from the question to reword your point ‘A reason I chose to use a PPW to collect information on emotional is because…’

Effect – This means that… or this leads to…

Key Points

Make sure the point and the explanation match. Your second sentence should start with ‘this means’ or ‘this leads to’ showing the marker you are explaining.

Often describe questions come before an explain question. Read the bundle of questions first and plan your answers.  

Ensure you plan your answer prior to attempting the question. For example you may choose your point ‘to identify my strengths and weaknesses’ ensure you know what comes next in your answer ‘This means I can create a PDP to improve my weakness’. 

Sample Questions


  • Explain the impact the ______ factor has on performance (2) 


  • Explain why it is important to collect data on physical factors before starting a PDP (3) 


  • Explain why the two following principles should be considered when producing a PDP for physical factors: 
  • Specificity 
  • Time allocation 


  • Explain the challenges when carrying out this method of data collection (2) 


  • Explain why you selected this method of data collection (2) 


  • Explain why you set goals before undertaking a PDP on mental factors (3) 


  • Explain why this approach is appropriate for using during a performance (2)


  • Explain the suitability of this method of monitoring (3) 


  • Explain why the performance development process can be negatively impacting by ________ factors (2) 


  • Explain why you prioritise your development needs at the start of a PDP (2) 


  • Explain the importance of maintaining your strengths whilst carrying out a PDP (1) 
Example Answers


  • Q) Explain why you should collect data before starting a mental development plan.

Sentence 1: ‘I collected data before starting a mental development plan because it helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses.’

Sentence 2: ‘This meant I was able to create a development plan that was actually relevant for my weakness of motivation and include approaches that actually developed this factor.’

  • Q) Explain why you used a certain method to monitor your progress in the social factor. 

‘I used a training diary because it was a portable method that I carried to training with me. This meant I was able to take notes on our team dynamics during the session and record thoughts and feelings that were fresh in my head.’

  • Q) Explain why this method (PPW) is suitable for collecting data on Emotional factors (2)

A reason why the PPW is suitable to collect information on Emotional factors is it allows me to find out my strengths and weaknesses in that factor. 

For example if I rate myself 3/10 for anger I know this is my weakness. This means I can create a PDP to improve on my specific weaknesses over the next ten weeks. 


A second reason why the PPW is suitable to collect information on Emotional factors is it allows me keep this method as a permanent record. 

For example if  I complete my PPW in week 1 of my programme and I keep it I can use this a baseline to compare back to. This means I can keep the PPW and compare back to it during my PDP to see if it working and if I am improving on my weakness.


3 Question – Explain the challenges you faced using this method (PPW) when collecting accurate/reliable information on Emotional Factors (2)

A challenge I faced when completing a PPW was dishonesty.

For example, I rated myself a 6/10 for anger when my coach said I should be 4/10.

This meant my data was unreliable as I hadn’t completed the questionnaire accurately and it wasn’t a fair reflection of my strengths and weaknesses. 


A second challenge I faced when completing a PPW was not getting it checked by a coach.

This means I have no way of knowing whether the data I have gathered is reliable as it has not been checked by a coach who knows me well.