Vice Presidency, CPD Support, Pedagogy and more…

Dear members,

I hope you are all well and coping with the demands of working from home.  We have a number of updates and opportunities for you today following a series of meetings that have taken place in the past month.

Vice President Stepping Down

We are deeply saddened to lose Aaron Anderson from our vice presidency position.  Aaron has asked to take a step back from the role in order to continue to focus on several personal projects.  I met with Aaron on Wednesday night and he made it clear to me that he only likes to give 100% to everything he does, unfortunately this is something he cannot do for the association right now.  Aaron has done some exemplary work for SATPE, the Higher pupils support notes is one of the flagstone resources on our site and without Aaron it would not be the quality resource that it is.  Beyond this  the Higher Teams page, the bitesize website and book.  He is a valuable knowledge base and we are thankful for everything he has done.

I am in the process of considering candidates for the role with immediate affect.  All members will be updated as soon as there is a development.

Current State COVID 19- What do I do?

I feel we continue to be hit by the effects of COVID 19.  As new guidance comes out unfortunately it is little or no help to the current issues plaguing PE departments across Scotland.  The common question remains on practical performance equity – “what do i do with my high level swimmer, my gymnast or even badminton players”. – The carrying out of any courses from the SQA isn’t on the proviso the candidate can access specific activity.  Whilst we as PE teachers know this has a significant impact on attainment, on paper it is not a requirement that pupils are afforded the opportunity to perform in these areas.

Whilst I cannot speak for all members, or the association on this matter I would like to take the time here to step out of the President role and offer my personal opinion as a principal teacher of PE.  The deadlines for submission has been moved again, (25th June).  My understanding is that pupils must show demonstrated attainment (in basic terms this means pupils, within the last academic year, must have displayed the performance warranting the grade they receive, it cannot be inferred from judgement.  As a PT PE I have to remain hopeful that activity is due to ‘open up’ by late March and into April, the additional time I gain from not losing students to study leave in May and June will allow me to complete the necessary performances.

Whilst I cannot say with any certainty, and I absolutely share the concerns of all my colleagues this is unfortunately the nature of the situation.

SATPE Pedagogy – Block 1 – Retrieval Practice

“SATPE Pedagogy” has been formed.  This will be a section of SATPE looking at the development of pedagogical practice, informed by research and modules completed both in meetings/written form as well as, most importantly, applying it to classroom practice.

If you would be interested in joining the SATPE Pedagogy group please indicate your interest here:

Certificated PE

Higher PE CPD Session
Content – “More than just Command Words”
I have approached an experienced principal teacher of PE to lead a session for SATPE, towards the end of March into the teaching practice in the higher course.  The session will be looking at ideas around teaching content for Higher and different ways you may approach this.  Significant numbers of surveyed PE teachers spend a lot of time focusing on pupils abilities to respond to the literacy demands associated with command words and perhaps this session will assist in providing another way to approach the course.

Watch this space, as soon as we confirm the dates we will send out a sign up form for all members.

Higher Moderation
We are hopeful to offer a session for all members for Higher PE moderation following the content session listed above.  In the meantime I will meet with the SQA so we can highlight the resources available to practitioners.  If we can support we will.

National 5 Moderation
I met with the facilitators of our N5 moderation work and it was agreed that whilst our section 1 session was informative and useful, anything we would offer now would be the same as the SQA sessions provided at the start of the month.  It Is for that reason we have decided to cancel the future sessions on Section 2 and 3.  The US for National 5 was recorded and will be available to all PE Teachers.  I am sure all SATPE members can join me in thanking Caroline Duncan and the SQA team for the sessions they provided.

If you feel you would benefit from some additional support, please contact me directly at and I will do whatever I can to assist.

General SATPE Updates

QA/Moderation Groups

A number of schools have signed up and began their QA work across the country allowing teachers to collaborate and work together from a variety of areas, expertise and backgrounds.  This has been an excellent opportunity to share practice and procedures with other schools from across the country, As we continue to move through an unprecedented year the additional layer of quality assurance provided by this will only seek to bolster the estimates provided.

Discounts for members

We are finalising further discussion on member discounts with several suppliers including Joma, Canterbury, Macron and Under Armour.  Please keep an eye out for this as the majority of the deals here will likely be given as single use codes around the time we hold our conference.

Conference 2021

The conference team and I will be meeting in the coming weeks to try and plan for what we hope can be a return to conference even should it be delayed into the later half of the year.


The refund work from Wigwam has concluded and all members have been allocated a return of £15 to reduce their membership to £10 as promised.  My thanks to Iain and his team at Wigwam for making this happen.

As Always,

If you need anything, have any suggestions on how we can all help each other please do contact me directly on

Paddy Cuthbertson 
President – SATPE