Vice Presidency, Education Scotland and CPD Opportunities

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Vice President Appointment – Janice Smith

I am delighted to welcome Janice Smith (Principal Teacher of Physical Education and Achievement Smithycroft Secondary School).  Janice has been a member of SATPE since the beginning, regularly supporting sessions as a facilitator.  She has a wealth of experience in PE, inclusive of co-authoring a Higher PE textbook and in her role as a National 5 PE Team leader and Higher marker.  I am excited about the contributions Janice will make to the association and I am sure all members will join me in welcoming her to the role of vice president.

Education Scotland Guidance

Education Scotland Guidance (Dance) 
Version 5.0
Date of Publication: 03.03.21

‘National Qualifications Assessment’
The sub-group considered the issue of dance for the purpose of assessment to ensure certification in the senior phase. The view was that relaxing the mitigations would not be appropriate at this stage, particularly as the science would suggest an increased risk of transmission among young people during physical exertion indoors.

However, the sub-group was prepared to agree that in exceptional circumstances where, for example, snow precludes it taking place outdoors, dance for the purpose of assessment could be allowed indoors provided that all other appropriate mitigations were in place regarding strict 2 metre physical distancing, ventilation, and hand and respiratory hygiene etc.

The sub-group recognised the importance of dance for the health and wellbeing of young people, and would keep the issue under review.’

Full guidance can be found on the Education Scotland website (links below)

It should be duly noted that the steady approach to the reopening of schools is in line with that of the national agenda outlined by the First Minister.  The inability to access resources due to exceptional circumstances and the need to provide ‘demonstrated attainment’ for all learners, we, as a profession, find ourselves severely affected by the pandemic.

I would urge principal teachers to seek the guidance/support of headteachers pertaining to the following key pieces of information:

  • The definition of what you may consider to be ‘exceptional circumstances’
  • ‘You must base your provisional results on demonstrated attainment from the candidate evidence gathered for each component’.
  • The appropriate mitigations that you would need to have in place to allow access to indoor performance for assessment purposes with a high degree of confidence that measures are stringent and safe for everyone involved

If you are considering exploring the above, then we would advise you to adopt a cautious and considered approach.

Advanced Higher PE

Those of you involved in the SATPE Working Group on Microsoft Teams will already be aware of the CPD opportunity being provided by Alex Haskett.

Session details:

  • Thursday 18th of March: 7-8pm.
  • Focus on project questions 3 through to 4c(ii). NOTE: Alex did a previous session on the previous questions and this can be accessed at the following link:
  • During the presentation, Alex will talk through how she teaches the AH theory and make reference to what a mark is and why.
  • There will also be sometime at the end to ask Alex some questions.

Please indicate an interest in this session here:

SATPE Pedagogy – Block 1 – Retrieval Practice

“SATPE Pedagogy” has been formed. This will be a new dimension to SATPE focusing on the development of pedagogical practice (informed by research) and modules with the goal of applying it into classroom practice. This will take on a combined approach of in house meetings and written contributions.

If you would be interested in joining the SATPE Pedagogy group please indicate your interest here:

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