PE as a practical subject, ESSD, CPD and more

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Apologies for the delay since the last members email, please see below an update from the past few weeks:

SATPE Agenda – Practical Class sizes and Quality PE

A sizable amount of my time has been allocated to bringing forward the agenda for SATPE on the issue of class sizes in physical education.  In a bid to ensure I speak for the membership I would like you to answer a very simple yes or no survey, found here:

The position is simple:  SATPE believe that the quality of experience in Physical Education would be significantly improved by including Physical Education as a practical subject (Limiting class sizes from 30 and 33 down to 20).

We have raised the issue via an interview with Gareth Edwards in the Scotsman and on BBC Radio Scotland.  The current position of PE is gathering weight, with many prominent figures identifying physical education as a sort of ‘route map’ out of the pandemic for people’s mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Wales PE Partnership

We have been asked to provided (provide) support to Wales as they move towards a curricular plan, similar to that of Curriculum for Excellence.  Wales are in the implementation stages of their PE association and hopeful to create a partnership with ourselves.  This is exciting for the association and should provide us with opportunities to share and collaborate on a variety of ideas and initiatives.

ESSD (European School Sports Day)

We are close to appointing a new co-ordinator for the ESSD.  For those unaware this is an initiative allowing schools across Europe to share in a day of participation in sport and physical activity.  Many thanks to Kevin Scott for the work he did setting this up.  Please keep an eye out for updates on this coming soon.

Conference 2021

Conference planning is well underway,  restrictions dependent we are hopeful to return to a live (in-person) conference from November 2021, our initial plans of bringing this forward have been delayed until 2022 due to COVID.  Again, please watch for updates on this coming soon.

Moderation/QA Groups

Many thanks to all the schools working hard through this additional layer of quality assurance we are offering via the SATPE network.  Having the opportunity to cross mark and discuss with members from a wide range of schools has been very beneficial.  If you have not heard from your group/would like to be removed please contact me directly:

SATPE Pedagogy (Accredited CPD/CLPL)

The Retrieval practice module has been completed.  I will be meeting Darren Leslie in the coming days about a start date.  If you have not already signed up for this, please do so here:

Higher PE CPD – Postponed

We have decided to postpone the planned Higher CPD we had been arranging with Colin Chambers.  The decision was taken that everyone is very busy just now fulfilling the needs of the Alternative Certification Model.

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