Data Collection (Emotional)

Despite the positive uses of a Model Performer during the data collection stage, there are also some limitations. Here we will explore them through looking at the CAUSE of their limitation and the NEGATIVE EFFECT this may have. Remember our parts of METHOD EFFECTIVENESS!

CAUSE: The process of collecting and analysing Model Performer criteria can be time consuming and disproportionate to the benefits.
NEGATIVE EFFECT: You may get bored and not collect/analyse Model Performer criteria correctly which can invalidate results.
CAUSE: Access to technological equipment such as tablets and slow motion features can be difficult.
NEGATIVE EFFECT: You might not be able to use a Model Performer correctly or at all.

CAUSE: Select a ‘poor’ Model Performer for comparison.
EFFECT: Collect ‘false’ criteria which can lead to errors in your development.
CAUSE: Selecting a Model Performer who is too advanced for your level of performance.
NEGATIVE EFFECT: a) You may set too high a goal that is not achievable or realistic.
b) If you cannot achieve these goals, you may lose motivation and confidence and give up.

CAUSE: You may lack the knowledge on how to analyse a Model Performer’s performance when collecting criteria.
NEGATIVE EFFECT: You can misinterpret a sub-routine/criteria and enter inaccurate data which brings down the validity and reliability of results.

Q) Explain why the use of a Model Performer can be limited when collecting data on Physical factors. (4).

‘Using a Model Performer can be limited for several reasons when collecting data on Physical factors.

One limitation is that it can be time consuming collecting and analysing information in regards to a Model Performer. This can lead to you getting bored and rushing the process. This can lead to data being incorrect and invalid.

Another limitation is that you may select a poor Model Performer who is actually not that great in regards to the Physical factor. This can lead to you watching and copying poor sub-routine performances and picking up bad habits in your performance.

A further limitation is that you may select an inappropriate level of Model Performer such as Andy Murray. This can lead to you setting unrealistic and unachievable goals of an elite level athlete and losing motivation and confidence when you find that you are not meeting them. This can mean that you then give up during your development plan and never improve.

A final limitation is that you may not have enough knowledge to correctly analyse a Model Performer. This can lead to you identifying Physical strengths when they are in fact Physical weaknesses. This can mean that you are then ignoring areas that need improving as you have wrongly collected data on them.’

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