Covid -19

We realise that these are unprecedented and uncertain times for teachers of Physical Education in Scotland and around the world. There are a number of working groups working behind the scenes to bring clarity to the current situation. These working groups are active at authority, national and government level. We will be releasing an association statement in the coming weeks regarding a national approach, however, this statement must be accurate and informed, and based on the most up to date information. Our English counterparts have now released three separate and contradicting statements because of mixed signals and messages. SATPE wants to avoid such a scenario at all costs. We thank every teacher across the country for your brilliant efforts and patience at this difficult time.

Please take 5 minutes to read some of SATPE’s latest development work and updates…


Online NQ Zoom sessions

In the last week Aaron Anderson has facilitated some amazing online learning for National Qualification certification. Hosted over 5 days, esteemed colleagues; Greg Coburn, Janice Smith, Roddy McPherson, Louise Kennedy, Lindsay McGurk and Ajay Singh led huge numbers of colleagues through a variety of senior phase content and learning strategies. Levels covered ranged from National 5 to Advanced Higher. All content is now available on the SATPE website using the URL link below.

Huge thanks again to Aaron for this sterling example of collaboration and sharing best practice.

SATPE Zoom Sessions



Teaching Athletics – Dr Will Kay

SATPE have teamed up with Dr Will Kay to publish his teaching athletics document. Will has successfully taught athletics for over 30 years to pupils of all ages and abilities in the Board General Education.

Included is an overarching rationale for ‘Why, What and How’ we could teach athletics in a truly meaningful, purposeful and empowering way. This sets out the importance of athletics as a base for all other physical activities and sports, the importance of ensuring that activities are adapted to fit the abilities of the child undertaking them, and that learning experiences attend to all of the four emotional, social, cognitive and physical domains in a holistic method and manner. Most importantly of all is that all activities are inclusive, and maximise participation for all learners at all times throughout every lesson.

Of course, learners in the same Level have different abilities and maturities. It is likely that within one Level, some will be working at the Level below (i.e. towards), some pupils will be achieving that Level, and others working at the Level above (i.e. beyond). For this reason, each Level has links to the content of the Levels above and below to allow teachers to access content ideas for pupils of all abilities within their class.

Huge thanks again to Will for sharing this excellent material with the profession.

Teaching Athletics by Dr Will Kay



Improved Primary PE Website Section

Chris Crookston has been leading some great work behind the scenes as Head of Primary SATPE. We have now revamped the SATPE website to give much more primary exposure. Page content will be updated regularly by Chris and his fantastic team (Cameron Stewart, Fiona Bruce, Jonny Penman and Dr Andy Dalziel). Things to look out for in our new primary section…

  • Primary news updates
  • BMT material
  • Home learning resources
  • Moderation exemplars
  • Sharing best practice
  • Teaching Games for Understanding material


SATPE Primary Resources

SATPE Conference – November 2020

Conference 2020 will indeed take place but as an online platform. Innovative online tutorials and workshops will go live from Saturday 7th November 2020. Both primary and secondary sectors will be covered. The 2020 Conference will be hosted on the SATPE website and on the SATPE YouTube Channel. The conference promises to be an informative event, we will as always look to provide the highest quality CLPL available to our members. Whilst you may not benefit from our usual range of freebies and physical products on the day, we will be hosting a comprehensive online raffle and any member who engages in one or more of our tutorials/workshops (between Saturday 7th and Sunday 15th November 2020) will be automatically entered into a prize draw. There will be some sensation prizes on offer!

Huge thanks to all our partners for your continued support with conference planning.