Teacher Guidance Form

Teacher Guidance Form

Following an Informative working group meeting on Wednesday 3rd June 2020 a delegate of PE teachers along with Education Scotland will be drafting a formal guidance document for the provision of PE in the current climate. In order to best Inform practice, we want the data under consideration to come from the ‘chalk face’.

Voice of Teachers: The Initial Twitter survey was successful In gathering a range of thoughts and concerns of PE teachers across the country. The data concluded three major concerns were shared by most practitioners.

  • Certificated PE
  • Changing Rooms and Cleaning
  • Pedagogy and Activities

Now we need more. Please complete the form: Teacher Guidance Form focusing on key information around the above three areas. To help inform responses here are some of examples currently suggested as guidance for schools:

Certificated PE – The Education Recovery Group are currently reviewing the make up of courses for the next academic year, as it stands, there are no planned changes to the PE courses for next session.

Example: As we move through the phases of the Scottish Government plan, activities currently black-listed should become available to teach. The mass reduction in preparation time must be considered in assessment.

Changing Rooms – The general consensus surrounds that this would not be an area available for use.

Example: Pupils participating in PE to be allowed to arrive to school in sports wear.

Cleaning – How do we ensure healthy equipment management?

Example: Additional Time or equipment made available to minimise disruption to actual teaching time.

Pedagogy and Activities – How are we best going to make use of the current situation, with what is allowed to be taught safely and productively. The Importance of health and wellbeing as well as the teaching in certificated areas.

Example: A draft list of activities including athletics, individual racquet sports, ball skills/mastery, various individual fitness activities and leadership skills.

Teacher Guidance Form

Voice of Pupils: We want to take into account the thoughts and opinions of our young people when planning the provision of Physical Education. We would like to encourage all members to ask pupils a simple question, ‘What are your concerns about PE next year?’. The information gathered here will inform a more in depth discussion coming directly from the pupils allowing us to gauge pupils thoughts on the teaching and learning of physical education and the blended approach. Hopefully their inputs can help to maximise the learning time we will have available.

All of your inputs and that of our young people will be used to inform the guidance document currently being drafted by Education Scotland.