Model Performer

A Model Performer is someone who can carry out a performance in any of the 4 factors to an almost ‘perfect’ level. Their performance levels are what we strive to achieve and are who we measure ourselves against when collecting data.

A Model Performer can be:
a) An elite athlete such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant or Serena Williams.
b) A high-performing team mate such as your Captain.

Q) Describe the ways a model performer could be used when gathering data on the mental factor. (4).
Descriptive point 1
Descriptive point 2
Descriptive point 3
Descriptive point 4

‘I used a model performer’s NORMS to compare my results to when using the mental toughness questionnaire. Mental sub-factors that were in the same NORM as theirs was considered a strength whilst those in lower NORMS were identified as weaknesses. I then used this information to select approaches that were specific to my weak mental sub-factors in my programme.’

‘I also used a model performer when comparing my mental results in the performance profiling wheel (PPW). The section that had the biggest red difference between my model performer and I was identified as a weakness.’

‘Another way I used a model performer was for inspiration. I chose a model performer who was a high mental performer in my class and aimed for them. I thought if someone in my class can do it, then so can I. I then tried my hardest to reach their level.’

‘Finally, I used a mental model performer within my class to help guide my goal setting. I kept my goal realistic by aiming for a classmates levels whilst taking into consideration my own level.’

Can you now:
1) Describe the ways a Model Performer can be used to collect data in each of the 4 factors? HELP DESCRIBE QUESTIONS.


Now that we know how we can use a Model Performer, let’s investigate what they actually look like in each of the 4 factors.